The concept of Coworking started in the 90’s and has recently become a trend, for several reasons.

It has become popular in most countries all over the world, including Portugal (especially

in Lisbon and Oporto).

In Portugal it is almost a “newborn” concept and a lot of people still don’t know what it is, but it is something that definetly is here to stay and that has aroused curiosity!

Its popularity has been growing and companies and freelancers have been adopting it as a way to reduce costs as well as the typical worries that an office has, such as rental prices, electricity, internet, cleaning services and so on.


The coworking trend has been growing in Portugal because of all the reasons mentioned before, but also because in addition to Portuguese members, it has a lot of members

from all over the world.

Lobo Cowork is one of the coworks that has observed this trend!

Lobo’s coworkers come from dozens of different countries: Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Australia, England, USA, Egipt, among many others!


This happens because people fall in love with Portugal!

Such a small country, but when tourists come on holidays, they fall in love with it, for many different reasons, but one of the most popular is definetly our lovely weather!

In Lobo Cowork we usually ask our coworkers why did they move to Portugal and this answer is constantly present. No one ever complained about it! In fact, they love Portugal’s sunny days and temperature.

Another great reason is Portugal’s large coast, full of gorgeous beaches. Another advantage of our large coast for surfers are the big waves, that a lot of surfers are looking for.

Another popular answers are that Portuguese people are very nice and that make you feel

at home; that the lanscapes are amazing and that you can see a lot of diverse places in some days because this country is small but full of different options to explore; and so on!

These are just some reasons, because this is an endless list!

If you’re curious about Portugal and if you didn’t have the chance to visit it, you have

to come and see for yourself! Maybe you’ll also decide to live here and join one

of the coworking spaces of Lobo Cowork (both of them close to the beach)!

Here you can find some useful links if you're planning to visit Portugal!

Turismo de Portugal

Visit Portugal


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