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This is the first of a series of interviews to our coworkers!

In this interview Lobo is going to talk to our coworker Christina Lopes, a life coach and spiritual teacher!

Watch the video below (bloopers at the end)!


You can also read the interview below!

LOBO COWORK - Describe yourself and what you do.

CHRISTINA LOPES - I’m Christina. I’m a life coach spiritual teacher and youtuber.

And I work remotely with people, with clients that do a lot of life coaching in the spirituality area and I do retreats also.

But it’s all in the area of life coaching and spirituality teaching.

LC - What’s the biggest challenge of your work?

CL - It’s very intense to work with people one on one, so it can be very emotionally draining especially because I work with people that have a lot of challenges in their lives, so the work can be very draining sometimes, so I need my rest and relaxation.

LC - Is this your dream job?

CL - Yes, it is. I had a completelly different career before. I was a clinician before and I just transitioned into a completelly different career, and this one is much more suited for me.

So, I’m really on my soul path now!

LC- How did you start working in this area and why?

CL - I started working as a life coach pretty much as a consequence of my life falling apart, so I had a totally different life, a totally different lifestyle. I lived in the US before and it all just kinda fell apart very quickly and then just something woke up on me and I decided that I’m gonna do something completely different now; just completely shift and that’s how I got into life coaching.

LC - Why did you decide to work remotely?

CL - I decided to work remotely because the majority of my clients are international,

so I have clientes from all over the world, so really pretty much 99.99% of my business is all working remotely, and it’s just because I have a huge audience of clients from everywhere really, so I can’t do the work one on one, it is pretty much impossible.

The only thing I do one on one with is in my retreats, where I actually work with people, but most of the time in my coaching programs and in my sessions and on my youtube videos everything is remote.

LC - Why did you choose Portugal to live?

CL - I’m Portuguese, not by birth but my parents are Portuguese, so I have dual citizenship, but I went to the US when I was 17 and I did my college education there and I was just living my life regullarly there, but then when I had this life shift I decided that I was gonna come back to Portugal and try it out here and it was a great decision.

I don’t wanna go back to the US now. This is my home now!

LC - Why did you choose to work in a cowork?

CL - I chose to work in a cowork because having an online business can be very lonely sometimes. I live here, one of my other teams lives halfway across the world, so when you have an online business your team is kinda spread all over the place and it can be a little bit lonely, and so I just wanted to be in a place where I met other people, where I was working with other people and just have a little bit more of not really an “office vibe”, but

a community vibe.

LC - Why Lobo Cowork?

CL - I came here originally and I just fell in love with the place. The decoration, (I’m very detailled oriented), so I love visuals; a lot of light; the decoration is beautiful and then, I met Inês, the lovely owner of the cowork and she has just this beautiful energy, so I just kinda fell in love with the space and with the people that run the space and that was a kind of a combination of the two that did for me.

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