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This is the second of a series of interviews to our coworkers!

In this interview Lobo is going to talk to our coworker Ruth Jamieson, a nutritional therapist and coworker at Lobo Cowork!

Watch the video below (bloopers at the end)!

You can also read the interview below!

LOBO COWORK - Describe yourself and what you do.

RUTH JAMIESON - I’m Ruth. I have a 8 year old son. I grew up in South Africa and I lived

in the UK for many years. I’ve been in Portugal for two and a half years.

I’m a nutritional therapist and I specialized in helping people with type 1 diabetes, using

low-carb nutrition to get better blood sugar control and I use functional medicine to help people live longer healthier lives and prevent any other chronic diseases.

LC - What’s the biggest challenge of your work?

RJ - Recently the biggest challenge has been, since the schools have been closed, trying

to manage working and home schooling because I have a young child, so I don’t have a lot of time to work on my business and at the moment, because I’ve taken this new direction

in specializing in diabetes, I need to do a lot of marketing and that’s a big learning curve, learning how to market on social media and it’s very difficult at the moment to find that time because it’s all broken up, I get to work a few hours and then the next time I get to work

as a few days later and I spend half of the morning kinda going “oh what was I working on?”.

So at the moment that’s my biggest struggle, just not having kind of consistent time to work on things.

LC - Is this your dream job?

RJ - Yes, I think it is. Besides being like a rock star or something, but I can’t sing to save

my life, so yeah, I’d say so!

LC- How did you start working in this area and why?

RJ - After my son was born I was really starting to get very interested in natural health

and wanting him to be very healthy, as any mother would. I had a lot of friends, parents

that worked into naturopathic work and natural health and I really liked the idea, but I found a lot of conflicting information on the Internet.

I also always had a few nutrition books that I’d never read, that I kept going “one day, one day” and I started to think that the only way that I could be healthier and look after my son’s health, was actually to study at myself and it just seemed right so when he was nine months old or something like that, I started a three year diploma in nutritional therapy and it was really hard because I think that the first year I was struggling to stay awake in class because

I wasn’t getting very much sleep with a young baby, so that’s how all began.

LC - Why did you decide to work remotely?

RJ - I like the flexibility because otherwise you’re quite limited if you’ve got to find a location and hire a space to work out and you’re only gonna really help people within your kind

of area, and then sort of since moving here from the UK I still had clients in the Uk and so

I just continued seeing them online. Now, with what I’m doing, I’m still mainly seeing clients; that’s where I’m focused in, on seeing people, so it just makes sense to do it all online and it works around my lifestyle as well, to be very flexible.

LC - Why did you choose Portugal to live?

RJ - We were living in Spain when we decided to move here. We’d been in Spain for about eighteen months and it was very beautiful but we just couldn’t picture ourselves living there long term; something wasn’t right. And it was partly I think, because we lived in a very remote kind of part, like we were an hour away from any big city and so we felt like maybe we needed to be closer to a city. I just remeber we got like a big white piece of paper

and we put it on the wall, with lots of coloured pens and we just wrote all the capital cities around the world that we thought we’d like to stay in and we just started to write in

the pros and cons.

And Lisbon, one basically! We just felt it ticked more boxes than it didn’t and we also heard

a lot of really good things about it from people that had moved here.

The only thing that we were worried about was actually that for my son to change schools and learn a new language, we were really worried about that, but he picked it up in four months of coming here, so it wasn’t a worry at all. So, it all worked out really well!

So, we filled our car full of stuff and just drove all the way from Spain to here, over 4 days!

It was quite an adventure. Our car was overpacked, we were sitting with stuff, we sent half

of our stuff in a van and thought we’d only left just enough to put in the car but it was actually far too much. Danny the whole time had a coffee machine and a big plant on his lap and Eli had like boxes and everything around him. And we had the bikes on the back.

And the bikes smashed the back window, so we had bin bags after a while.

I didn’t laugh at that time but now I’m laughing. It was very funny, an adventure!

LC - Why did you choose to work in a cowork?

RJ - I resisted in the beginning. My partner, Danny, he really liked working in a cowork, while I was quite a home buddy and I was just like “Why pay to go somewhere? Just work

at home!”, but I knew that it would be beneficial because I get distracted by keeping

the house clean, by the food in the fridge, by lots of other things, and I also realized that

it would be a good way to connect with people, meet people and make friends because when you move to a new country it can be quite hard in the beginning to meet with people. And then the thing that really pushed it, was at the time we were living in Lisbon and my son was at a school here and it was like a 25 minute drive, and it just made no sense for me to do that journey four times a day, so it made sense to stay. Now we moved here and I’m still coming to the cowork for those reasons, that it does me good!

LC - Why Lobo Cowork?

RJ - I chose Lobo because I really like the interior design and the vibe of the people

and Inês is very friendly and nice!

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