This is the third of a series of interviews to our coworkers!

In this interview Lobo is going to talk to our coworker Per Sundberg that works with Blockchain Technology Expert and coworker at Lobo Cowork!

Watch the video below (bloopers at the end)!

You can also read the interview below!

LOBO COWORK - Describe yourself and what you do.

PER SUNDBERG - I’m Per. I‘m 40 years old. I work in blockchain technology, which can be described as global payments network and also like a global computer.

It’s like a distributed set of computers.

LC - What’s the biggest challenge of your work?

PS - The biggest challenge, because it’s such a new technology, is to find areas where it ca be utilized and also viewing the payments regulations in different countries, so there are different regulations for European Union, for the United States, and so forth. There are a lot of different aspects to this technology because it’s a global technology, which is accessible everywhere, basically.

LC - Is this your dream job?

PS - Yes. I think it started out as an hobby and I was interested in the technology.

I would say that I have many dream jobs. I would like to improve the world through different technologies. This is one technology and I think it can be used to help governments for example, to improve burocracy and different processes and to do things like transfer of property and register different things.

It’s a very interesting technology but it’s a new one and there are many fields on which I could imagine working in. I worked in telecomunications before and different web development projects as well, but I can imagine working like in robotics in the future for example, or stuff like that. I also enjoy doing different community works, so I started a men’s group for example to help guys out with different things, including myself, and I also would like to work in charity in the future. I think there is a lot of things to help out and improve the world.

LC- How did you start working in this area and why?

PS - As I said, it started as an hobby. I was interested in this technology and I had

a room full of computers doing blockchain stuff and I started to do more and more

of that. I was working as a consultant at the time, in the area of payments actually, and it just grew to my own business and I started doing that full time.

LC - Why did you decide to work remotely?

PS - This job in itself is a remote kind of job. Even if you work on the protocol level to improve the protocol of blockchain, you can still work remotely but you can also, of course, work in a company. But for me, it has been remotely so far, to go to different conferences and stuff like that, and I do connect with people online, so it started out as a remote job basically.

LC - Why did you choose Portugal to live?

PS - I was travelling around. I was in Brazil a lot and I wanted to improve my Portuguese and I couldn’t go back to Brazil because I had to stay out of Brazil for a while because of visa. I think they only allow I think 6 months per year or 3 months per year.

So I was like: “Where am I going? Lets go to Lisbon, lets try! Because I want to learn Portuguese, I want to stay in a place where the weather is good and where I can also practice dancing.”

There was a dance school here, so I started to do that.

It was a very good experience so I stayed around!

LC - Why did you choose to work in a cowork?

PS - I think it’s good to have some place where you go and where you’re dedicated and focused on working, and since I was working remotely I think it’s like you don’t have that space naturally. So I just said: “lets find a coworking space where I can be focused”. It’s better than a cafe where there is a lot of sounds and the purpose of the space is a different thing. But in the coworking space, you come here to work and you can also meet new people and create new business connections.

LC - Why Lobo Cowork?

PS - The truth is... I just searched cowork on Google and I found Lobo and I saw the ratings; it was good so it was like “lets try”. I tried and I am happily satisfied with the environment here!

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