This is the fourth of a series of interviews to our coworkers!

In this interview Lobo is going to talk to our coworker Celine David, a Web and Graphic Designer and coworker at Lobo Cowork!

Watch the video below (bloopers at the end)!

You can also read the interview below!

LOBO COWORK - Describe yourself and what you do.

CELINE DAVID - My name is Celine. I guess I would describe myself as a global citizen.

I’ve moved around pretty much all my life. I’ve got three citizenships. I don’t even know

if it is legal. Technically it is, so, three citizenships, I know quite a few languages, I moved around a lot and I still like moving around a lot, but that’s me in a nutshell.

I work as a freelancer in Web and Graphic Design and Front-end development as well.

LC - What’s the biggest challenge of your work?

CD - Working as a freelancer... the biggest challenge for me is actually, making quotes

it is the hardest for me, like having the right value for my work without going overboard

or being under-paid. That’s the thing that I struggle with the most.

LC - Is this your dream job?

CD - I wouldn’t say that it’s my dream job. I enjoy it, I think it’s very convenient.

I’ve learned a lot over the years, so that’s also a plus, but I think I’d like to do some,

maybe more manual, use my hands and not just to type on a computer.

LC- How did you start working in this area and why?

CD - When I was a teenager I was really interested in illustration, animation, video games,

all of that and when I started studying I was actually thinking of being a character designer. While I was studying I realised... obviously 3D rendering was a lot of time in front

of the computer and I guess it didn’t really suit right with me, so I started graphic design

and communication design instead. Then, it turns out I still spend as much time in front

of the computer.

I just changed and then the first job I found was actually more web design and graphic design, that’s why I became a web designer and developer.

LC - Why did you decide to work remotely?

CD - I guess, as I said, I like to travel and I used to work with another designer but then I sort of decided I wanted to experience some more other cultures before I settled or anything, and so I thought “well, I can do my job from anywhere”, so that’s why I sort of decided

it was the best way to go and at least I have the freedom to go many places.

LC - Why did you choose Portugal to live?

CD - For love! Not really, but sort of. I left Australia three years ago. I was in Singapore, Philipines, Canada and then I actually met my current boyfriend in my brother’s wedding,

of all places! He is french, but his grandparents are here in Portugal and I didn’t want

to live in France so he decided “lets go to Portugal”. Sort of a love story!

LC - Why did you choose to work in a cowork?

CD - The main reason for working in a cowork is because, I guess like most people who work from home know, it’s a bit difficult, it can be very lonely and I wasn’t disciplined enough

to follow a specific routine, so if at least I get outside of the house, I won’t spend the day

in PJs. By going to a cowork you meet people, which is also really interesting.

It’s more social, I guess, than being all by yourself at home!

LC - Why Lobo Cowork?

CD - I sort of stumbled upon. I was actually thinking of looking for a coworking space

and I looked around to the ones that were closer to where I live.

Olivier, who’s another coworker here actually suggested Lobo, so I came and checked it out and I really enjoyed it! I like the space and obviously the owner is super awesome,

so that’s why I chose to stick around.­­

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